User-friendliness     in     Digital Radiography

X-Ray Imaging Solutions is active in the development and supply of innovative solutions in Digital Radiology for the Industry and the Security. X-RIS provides user-friendly and pragmatic solutions that fit at best the application needs.

X-RIS was founded in 2010 and since then has developed its own range of X-ray generators, detectors and its software platform: Maestro. X-RIS also designs and manufactures its own mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions for Dxbox cabinets or for special solutions.

The company counts today 20 collaborators and is particularly technologically-oriented: more than the two thirds of the team are graduated engineers. We also collaborate with several universities and R&D centers in Belgium and abroad.

X-RIS can rely on a young, dynamic and skilled team surrounded by experienced staff, all dedicated both to the development of our products and to provide full support to its partners.

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